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A good turnout despite the marathon and many sick people too! Several people who got healed were just thanking God in the prayer line and received without me praying for them. Got an email this morning, a lady found her arm healed as she woke up.  There was also a little change in prayer line, like the lepers found they were healed as they went away!

Next healing service May 24th 6:30pm at Emmanuel Baptist Church on St Katherines road, Thamesmead, DA18 4DS.

Awesome service with so many instant healings and testimonies.  A man got radically saved as the heat of Holy Spirit came on him - he was sweating buckets!  Thank you for praying.  Next healing service is 28th of June.  Please keep praying!

Praise the Lord! Wonderful service on Sunday and there was a breakthrough anointing for many people who came forward.  We have two healing services in Jan 2015, United reformed church Swanley January 18th at 6pm and Jan 25th at Emmanuel baptist church Thamesmead London at 6:30 pm.  Pass on the word if you know someone who needs a miracle!

Thank you for your intercession! It was a wonderful service and when I asked who needed prayer almost everyone came forward and I was overwhelmed by the needs of the people! We need more of His presence and power !

Last minute miracle… A lady with bowel cancer was mightily touched by the Holy Spirit.  She came in very weak unable to stand in prayer line, the pain left her and was walking unaided. Some kind person let her know of our healing service last night at 5:45pm for a 6:30 pm service. I knew when I saw her she would be healed and now we await doctors report.  Thanks for praying, we had an awesome service.  Repentance before revival was the message and God’s presence came as we all repented before the Lord.

Breakthrough service last night despite rain wind and 3 hours on motorway what normally is half that!  Still people came hungry for an encounter.  Pastors wife saw Angels around front and I saw God pour out oil for healing and we worshipped and praised God for 2 hours.  There was a wonderful easy atmosphere, almost felt the glory of God would manifest in the natural! The key was to minister to the Lord like Solomon and the glory filled the temple.  Next revival service March 29th, come and join us and let's magnify the Lord together!

Wonderful service praising the Lord!  Trusting God for the glory to manifest and people encountering the Lord.  Next meeting April 26th at Emmanuel Baptist church St Katherines road, London DA18 4DS at 6:30 pm.  Make it a date on your diary...

We are still enjoying the afterglow of last nights meeting in London. Many words of knowledge with healings including a lady's ear popping open.  Worship was awesome and there was a great crowd enjoying Gods sweet presence!  The Holy Spirit is not only awesome but so sweet! Oh taste see The Lord is good.  Come for a taste next meeting June 1st at Emmanuel Baptist Church Sunday at 6:30 pm St Katherine's road, London DA18 4DS.  BUT, the best part was a Messianic believer felt rain drops on her arms and thought the roof was leaking but the ceiling was fine and it had not been raining.  Rain of the Holy Spirit!  More Lord!

Lady with metal in her hip was healed last night at our monthly healing and revival meetings in London.  A young boy with pain because of sickle cells was healed just sitting in the service Praise the Lord!  A retired preacher told me he had prayed for many to be healed in his ministry but had never received a healing himself, well he came with a cane but was able to walk without it Praise the Lord!  There were a number of other testimonies so all in all great service awesome worship and a good crowd.  People are coming from Baptist, Methodist, Anglican and Pentecostal churches.  Some folks travelling 2 hours to get there.  God is building His church!

An amazing and awesome service last night.  Words can't describe the tremendous presence of the Holy Spirit as notable miracles took place.  People were healed in their seats and there was no need for a prayer line, the Holiness of God filled the atmosphere and looks like an outpouring is on its way as each time God’s presence is getting stronger and stronger.  The word came to me that when God is the house you won't be able to keep the people away. Make sure God is welcomed and people will follow.  We all want a big crowd but it's His presence that will draw.  We had people from Methodist Churches, Anglican United Reformed Churches, Baptist Churches, and Pentecostal Churches, all spirit filled. God is visiting all denominations.  Testimony of last months prayer of a man healed with multiple fractures in his neck, back, and arms.  Years of intense pain.  Before and after healing, X Rays show all the fractures have disappeared.  Doctors are amazed!  Double kidneys were healed as the power of God came on a doctor with 2 failed kidneys. He began to dance in joy as the Holy Spirit flowed all over his body. WOW!!!!

The Spirit of Revival!  We had another amazing meeting with the Holy Spirit and His power and presence! A man came in with blurred vision received his healing and testified he could see! Another young woman had a large metal plate with 4 huge screws into her leg bone.  She was touched and able to move her leg around and bend her knee, Praise the Lord!  

Revival is on its way!

We had an amazing service on Sunday!  The prophetic word came that we have revival!  It started last month with a great service and there was a shift in the atmosphere.  There is now an expectancy and people are coming from everywhere.  The next revival service is scheduled for November 9th at 6:30pm at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Thamesmead, London DA18 4DS. We also value your intercession.  Come if you want more of God in your life!

Calling a nation to prayer!  Waiting in the wings to share this message on Monday 17th of Feb, I felt the presence of Jesus right next to me.  As He stood by me He said this was His message for now.  I shared how king George the 6th called the nation to pray when the British army of 300,000 men were stranded on Dunkirk beach at the mercy of Hitler.  For some reason, Hitler paused and Winston Churchill asked for every boat available to go and bring the soldiers home.  A nation was saved because people prayed!  We are at a critical moment in history and God is calling us all to pray.

Awesome time with Jesus on Sunday at Emmanuel church. The pastors and ministers did a prayer tunnel and chains were broken, oppression lifted and people set free by the anointing. Praise the Lord!  At Emmanuel Baptist Church during the worship, I heard The Lord say that we were the last generation! Wow!  The way things are shaping up in the world, it's not surprising but you never know we might be around for another 100 years. Wisdom says we plan for 100 years but live as if Jesus is coming real soon.

The heavens opened on Sunday 12th January at our monthly revival meetings. This was the first break in the heavenly realm and people came from everywhere on a cold Sunday evening. There was a wonderful refreshing as Gods presence filled the room and I shared on the revival in the Hebrides in 1949 with Duncan Campbell.

Yesterday Sunday nights service had a small crowd and looked like a difficult meeting until the Holy Spirit came upon us!  I was walking and praying in the large hall and I heard, ‘revival, revival’ on every step.  The carpet under my feet was speaking this word revival.  Strange indeed!  I shared this word and the atmosphere changed in the meeting and a tangible presence of God filled the big hall.  One minute the hall felt empty but the next minute it was filled - wow! A woman began to shake under the power of God as she felt a hand touch her physically.  Jesus touched her physically and she was so overwhelmed.  It seems revival doesn't need large numbers of people to start but just desperate people are needed!

Revival ! Revival! Finally we are seeing a move of Gods Spirit.  People falling all over the place and many people touched and healed! It was 9pm yet folks stayed as wave after wave of the Holy Spirit swept across the hall and many had come as news is spreading.  Friends bringing friends.  I saw several Angels fly into the hall and saw Jesus on His Throne enjoying the worship -all in all, a great evening!

A difficult start to the service until Alan blew the shofar! All the demons fled and thought David and his mighty men had risen from the dead! Never have I seen the power of the shofar until last evening. The presence of God flooded the auditorium and we had one of the best services to date! Miracles upon miracles! The power of God was manifested and we all left rejoicing..

Wonderful service! Amazing worship! Tons of testimonies and at 9pm, we could have continued! Word of the Lord came saying, ‘It Is time for the church! We are coming to the churches finest hour with signs wonders and miracles!’ Also had the Lord speak into my heart that revival is coming and I kept hearing this over and over again! He spoke of unity in the body so He could command a blessing! Amen!

And people were healed too! Wow! And it was great to see old friends who came from Crawley.  People come from all over and it's a great holy mix from various churches.

A beautiful service last night, and the Holy Spirit came, healing broken hearts! The sweet presence ministered to us all with some crying, as God did a deep work in us!  Thank you to all who prayed and may God reward you for your faithful intercession!  The word of God came to us that while it is day we must work, for the night cometh when no one will be able to preach - John 9:4.  It is time to pray as the world teeters towards confrontation and yet the majority of believers don't pray and prayer meetings are empty.  

Modern churches don't even have prayer meetings anymore and then we wonder why we have such problems in our country. Even Jesus had to pray, waking before dawn to pray!  He prayed all night and He prayed at His greatest hour of need in the garden of gethsemane! He rebuked the disciples because they were sleeping and He alone prayed for strength to go to the cross.  May the Holy Spirit convict us to pray!

Thank you for praying! Awesome service and a good crowd! An amazing word of knowledge for a lady with a lump on her breast! Spoke on the reality of Hell and our commitment to spread the gospel message - everyone responded to the appeal to dedicate themselves to reach the Lost! We brought lots of tracts DVDs booklets for evangelism and the whole table was cleared. We have just ordered thousands of tracts to be printed and hundreds of DVDs with heaven and hell testimonies! The harvest is ripe so we are praying for the Lord to send out more labourers.  If you are not actively involved in sharing the gospel, may I encourage you to start! He that winneth souls is wise!

Thank you all for praying for we had an awesome time last night in our healing service! Bodies everywhere on the floor as the fire of the Holy Spirit fell and many were healed as they came towards the front! I had a strong sense of the Lord in our midst and the pastors wife told me she saw the Lord standing by my side! Wow! A Bulgarian pastor joined me in praying for people and it was so wonderful to hear worship in Bulgarian! It was a cold February night and yet the people came… only the hungry ones come which is great as that means the anointing flows easier!

Wonderful service and a hungry crowd! The worship was awesome and tons of ministry! Thank you for your prayers as we are seeing a measure of breakthrough each month at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Thamesmead, Kent!

Wonderful service last night, prayed for a blind man who received a partial healing and was able to count my fingers Friends came back from a revival in USA and prayed for us all to receive! We blew the shofar and prayed for folks - lots of worship, awesome! Can't wait for next meeting in June 26th! Certainly there is a break in the Spirit and I know God is opening a wellspring of healing and refreshing!

Many thanks for praying! The Lord moved powerfully last night and many came forward for impartation! The focus was on teaching and training all believers to move in power of the Holy Spirit with many testimonies shared! Looking forward to next time July 31st so if you are able come and join us as we press in for Revival!