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23 Minutes in Hell - Bill Wiese (DVD)  50p

Bill Wiese has a journey into Hell and tells about his experience he had for 23 minutes.

90 Minutes in Heaven - Don Piper (DVD) 50p

Don Piper had a traumatic car accident but he also saw heaven and tells his story in this DVD.

Overcoming Cancer - Various Stories (DVD)  50p

Four true stories of men and women suffering from difference types of cancer, and their testimonies.

A Hindu’s Search for Truth - Ash Kotecha (Audio CD)  50p

In this Audio CD this tells of Ash Kotecha’s own testimony of how he was a Hindu but came to Christ in 1979.

A Glimpse of Heaven - Ian McCormack (DVD)  50p

Ian McCormack had a poisonous jelly-fish bite and  died.  He saw heaven and has come back to life.

Muslims see visions of Jesus - Dreams & Visions (DVD)  50p

This DVD has several testimonies of Muslims that saw visions of Jesus and their amazing conversion that followed.


Have you heard the good news? (Pack of 10 - A6 Tracts)  £1

This is one of our latest tracts which we are making available to anyone who would like to evangelise.  Inside it says, ‘God Loves You’.  On the other page it gives a small introductory message of the Gospel which leads them into a prayer.  On the back there are a few links to some websites that tell you more about God.  Lastly, there is a white rectangular space for your local church info to be put on there.