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Testimony of Bernice Gardner

Healed of Sciatica!

This is my testimony.

I have been suffering for about two months with sciatica, and the pain was getting worse so I had to get the doctor out, she put me on a hundred mills of Morphine, 15 mills of Diazepan, 300 mills of Gabapentin, nothing worked so it meant I hat to stay in bed and rest.  When I did walk, it had to be on sticks.

May 16th at about 1:30pm Ash phoned.  He said, “I have been meaning to phone you as I felt something was not right on the farm.”  I explained, it was me I had terrible pain with sciatica and he said he was going to pray for me.  

He prayed immediately over the phone, and in a couple of seconds I had a burning sensation through my body, my fingers were tingling, and I said to Ash, “What is happening to me Ash?”  Then he carried on praying and when he stopped praying, he said, “Get out of bed Bernice.”  I thought, “Oh how am I going to get out of this bed?” because I had been having so much difficulty.  

much difficulty.  I got out of bed and I had no pain at all, it was a wonderful feeling, and Ash said, “God is in heaven and the Holy Spirit is on earth and he has gone through your body.”  Thank the Lord!

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